By: Sydnee McCue
There was an assembly for grades 5-12 on March 13. The assembly speaker was Joel Penton, who is a motivational speaker. Penton is a graduate from Ohio State University, where he played football for 5 years and received the Wuerffel Trophy, also known as the humanitarian. In his speech, Penton brings positivity and he is very empowering in his message to the students. Joel discussed his high school experience and how he made a commitment to himself to get better at football. In order to to keep that commitment he had to work out, stay healthy, and not to do drugs or drink alcohol. All of Penton’s friends decided to drink, and he had to stay true to his commitment even if it meant he lost his so called ¨friends.¨ Penton’s message is to stay true to your commitments no matter what.