By Lydia Long

The Liberty Center Drama Department will be performing their Spring Musical. The Musical will take action on March 14th through the 16th. The performance will begin at 7 o’clock each day and will take place in the auditeria. Tickets are $10, and can be pre-purchased in the high school office or bought at the door. It is recommended that you pre-purchase because the tickets will sell out quickly. The Mamma Mia cast have been working very hard over the last few months. A few star actors in the show are Libby Crawford playing Sophie Sheridan, Lydia Murrey playing Donna Sheridan, Damion Ball playing Sky, Emma Bowers playing Rosie, Jordyn Sunior playing Bill Austin, Darin Weaver playing Sam Carmicheal, Gabe Oberhaus playing Harry Bright, and Elyse McMaster playing Tanya. There are many other great actors and actresses that have star roles in the performance. We wish the cast the best of luck! Please come out and enjoy a great show.