By: Stephanie McBride

On Friday, March 1,the high school had a send off for the gymnastics team and for the one and only bowler going to state. We sent Hannah Feather off with a big and loud Tiger send off. The fight song and the kids clapping and cheering for her hyped her up she said, and gave her a good feeling about her performance at Sate. She was competing at the Division 2 State Championship, this big bowling match took place at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl. Hannah bowled in the morning that same day, she bowled a total of 3 games. The first game she rolled a 149, the second game she bowled a 154, and the last and final game she wrapped it up with a score being 185. When scoring these games, they add up the three game totals. This means Hannah finished it off with a final score of 488. Way to go Hannah!