By: Sydnee McCue

At Liberty Center High School, the ACT test will be given to all juniors. The test will be given to juniors on the 20th of this month (February). The ACT stands for American College Testing. This test is used by colleges and scores students based on several subjects. Colleges have a minimum ACT requirement for enrollment that is listed on their website. Don´t worry there are classes before school on certain days that help students prep for the big test. Students can locate that information on the daily email announcements from the school. Also to prep for the test, students could practice online on the ACT website, or even go to Barnes and Noble and buy a book to learn for about the kind of things on the test.

Tips for doing your best:

  • Get a good night’s rest
  • Have a good healthy breakfast
  • Dress comfortable
  • Bring water
  • Be confident!


Good luck on test day!