By: Stephanie McBride

Buckeye head coach, Urban Meyer announced he’s retiring after the Rose Bowl game against Washington on January 1, 2019. Meyer has been coaching the Buckeyes for seven years with many achievements under his belt. He’s led the Buckeyes to a total of 82 wins and 9 losses, 3 Big-Ten Championships, and a National Championship. He’s coached a total of 17 years for 4 different teams. These include: two years at Bowling Green State University, two years at Utah, six years at Florida, and seven for The Ohio State University. After these years of coaching, he retired with a 186-32 record.

Meyer decided to retire from coaching because of health reasons. They found an arachnoid cyst that has gotten worse over this past year. An arachnoid cyst is a pocket of spinal fluid in the brain’s arachnoid layer, between the thick, leathery dura that lines the skull and the pia that hugs the brain itself like plastic wrap. You are usually born with these cysts, and aren’t stress related. These cysts cause many headaches and lots of discomfort, as many could see during a couple of the games when Meyer was down on the ground on the sidelines due to head pain.