By: Owen Hall

Photoshop is an Adobe program that is extremely expensive and we have a great opportunity here at LC to use the programs for free because of our student email accounts. The people at Adobe have generously given us the chance to use them thankfully and now we can develop the skills needed for many different applications of photo creation and manipulation. In Digital Photography, we are using Photoshop to create our own kaleidoscopes and repairing and restoring old, damaged photos.

Along with those topics, we have been learning about how to recolor photos using the application, we have the capability of turning a black and white photo into actual colorized pictures which can lead to a better view into the pictures of the past. While Photoshop is a huge thing right now, we have been learning about DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras which help the students use professional grade cameras and take phenomenal pictures. Having the capabilities of using those cameras in any situation opens up even more career opportunities with photography.