By: Owen Hall

Exploration into Professional Reading and Writing is a new class that is being offered by Ms. Mericle this year. This new class is especially helpful for assisting students that are extremely stressed out about the burdens of being an adult and have no idea what being one is like. In there you’ll learn about many different topics and how to think for yourself mostly. So far in there we have talked about these topics: Healthcare, Grant Writing, college application essays, and fake news media that critiques both sides of our political spectrum. Talking about healthcare has been especially helpful because now we know what all of the terms that they use in healthcare advertisements mean and know if we are being scammed by the companies.

Professional Reading and Writing is a class that is molded by the students. You are the ones who make the requirements for the projects you work on, as long as they’re realistic, and the grading is much more lenient since it is an elective course. It is sure to be a great time in that class no matter your skill level in Language Arts. You have many different conversations among your class and it’s totally fine to ask questions if you have any. If you want to take an elective English course without all of the stress with actual English, Professional Reading and Writing is a very good option.