By: Owen Hall

While our incredible football season is heading towards the end, the LCHS Band has plenty of things to continue to work for. What they have done this far has been nothing short of exemplary. Every football game this year has been greatly enhanced with everything that they do especially those drum solos. Aren’t those great? I hope that with their music they can help inspire and lead our football team even further into the playoffs and make us more proud to be a Tiger.

The ride doesn’t end with just football though, this season is only one part of what they have to do throughout the year. As soon as the season ends they’re right onto getting prepared for competition and continue to score extremely well like they have been doing for the past few years. Along with the band the LCHS Choir has to get ready to start their competition season as well and I’m very excited to hear about how well they are going to do this year because we have plenty of talented people in there.