By: Stephanie McBride

If you weren’t at the football game last Saturday night, you really missed a good one. The Tigers and the Vikings fought for an opening round win. The Liberty Center Tigers came out on top 24-21 with a game winning field goal by Orry Killam.

The Tigers and the Vikings were tied 21-21 with only a few minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Tigers couldn’t get a first down, which resulted the punt team to take the field. As Killam was about to punt the ball, he saw there were no defensive players blitzing him, so he ran the ball for a first down. After the Tigers proceeded up field, before you knew it there was only 3 seconds to go after taking a knee and a timeout. This meant Killam was going to take the field once again, but this time for a 17-yard field goal. The student section went nuts when we saw that ball go in between the goal posts. Tigers on top once again!