By: Lydia Long

On Saturday, October 27, the Lady Tigers competed in the District Championship soccer game against the Archbold Bluestreaks. Unfortunately, the Lady Tigers lost 1-0, which brought their season to an end. The Tigers eyes filled with tears and their heads hung low as the scoreboard hit zero, and the loud buzz shocked the stadium. Although their season has terminated, the girls should be proud of what they have accomplished. Finishing as District Runner-Up for the first time, along winning the first league title in school history, is truly something to be proud of.  

It was not that the Lady Tigers were not playing their best, and that is what cost them the game. Truthfully, the Tigers played their hearts out throughout the whole game. The girls fought until the scoreboard hit zero, there was no giving up. Hailey Craft, Lydia Long, Mallory Vollmar, and Jillian Hoffman controlled the back side of the field. Senior, Savannah Jenkins said, “I believe the defense played their tails off the entire game, our defense was the only reason why Archbold didn’t score more on the Lady Tigers. Our defense only let in 5 goals, the entire season”. The defense had a crucial role in only letting the scoreboard say 1-0. The defensive line is so strong, only letting 5 goals behind them is something the Tigers have never come close to.

On the offensive side of the game, the Lady Tigers never stopped pushing towards the Archbold goal. The intensity was at an all-time high, the offense just couldn’t find the back of the net. Jenkins added, “Our Tiger midfielders had their struggles pressuring the ball and winning balls in the air. Our forwards had their struggles getting past the Archbold’s defense and shooting on goal. “ The Bluestreaks strategy for the game was to pack their girls in the middle and the back of their field, which can make it very difficult for the Tigers to score on them. With multiple Archbold girls packing the back of the field, the Tigers could not connect passes, or find open shots.

Unfortunately, Tiger Forward Sam Engler, got hurt early in the second half. The Tiger team teared up as they watched Sam leave the field and get into an ambulance. Although, the game was not over. The Lady Tigers needed to get their heads back on the right track and try to win the game. Jenkins said, “After Sam’s injury, our team got the motivation to play our hardest, not for us but for Sam. We wanted to win for her. Of course, our minds were on Sam, but by doing so it gave us the strength and motivation to play our hardest. No matter if we lost or won.” The Tigers did exactly that. The second half was full of intensity, aggressiveness, and they did it all for Sam.

Although the Lady Tigers season has come to an end, they have so much to be proud of. Jenkins continued to say, “Our season has to the best season the Lady Tigers have ever had. This was our first season going undefeated and winning the League and becoming Sectionals champions. We also conquered runner-up in Districts.” The 2018 Lady Tigers soccer team created history. The talent on the team is continuing to grow and big things are expected for the upcoming years.