By: Owen Hall

The LC Band is getting ready to play in their last regular season game. While they don’t have anything incredibly special prepared for the end of this year’s chapter, we can expect to hear more of the great music they have been giving us for this entire year. It is forecast to be another cold and rainy day for them as well, but they will pull through as per usual, the show must go on. This game marks the beginning of the end for our seniors, the players and the band, and it will be a great shame when the goodbyes will be said at the end of the season.

Keeping the morale up has been the job for our band this whole season and they aren’t going to stop that on the last game. They have done a fantastic job for this year with the great performances especially our halftime on our homecoming game. Let’s wish for the best for them and hope that they can encourage and strengthen our team.