By: Lydia Long

On Tuesday, October 24th, the Liberty Center boys fought a hard battle against the Archbold Bluestreaks as they played the District semifinal soccer game. The final score of the competitive game was 11-3, with Archbold on top. The boys played Archbold earlier in their season and lost 3-1. Both games between the Tigers and the Bluestreaks were very fierce, and the Tigers never gave up, despite the score. Although the boys’ season has come to an end, the Tigers gave every game their all with a purpose. That purpose was to make former player, Darren Pinson happy from above.

The Tigers lost their starting goalie Orry Killam, during the tournament game prior to the District semifinal game. Without the all-star keeper, the Tigers struggled to block the Archbold shots. Senior Weston Kundo said, “Having Orry in goal is something that we are really used too. He has had a really great year. Putting Ryan in goal against a great team was a very tough situation for him.” Although, backup goalies Ryan Tonjes and Isaiah Estelle did a great job trying to keep up with the multiple shots from the Archbold offense. Both backup goalies are very young and have not seen much varsity time as a goalkeeper. Playing against a very good team was a great experience for them, as it will prepare them for the upcoming years.

According to the Tigers, they did not begin the game as strong as they should have. Kundo stated, “We did not come out with high energy, and we gave up a huge lead early in the game. We were not able to wake up until it was too late.” The Tigers were trapped too far behind, and it was very difficult for them to catch back up. Although, being behind did not stop the Tiger offense from taking shots. Zach Miller had two goals and Jacob Hoffman scored one goal. The Tigers had more shots throughout the game, but only Miller’s and Hoffman’s found the back of the net.

On the back end of the Liberty Center Tigers, the defense tried to withhold the Blue streaks from scoring. The defense was put in challenging situations that led to Archbold goals. “They weren’t able to have the same stats that they averaged throughout the season but they put in a great effort despite playing without a keeper they were used to.” added Kundo. Playing with a different goalkeeper can be very challenging, and the Tigers were just not used to not having Killam behind them.

The Liberty Center Boys had a very impressive season. They were able to accomplish many achievements that the boys’ team has never come close to before. The Tigers had a motive for their season this year, and they believe that helped them accomplish what they did this

season. From this season on, the Tigers will be playing for #5, Darren Pinson.