By: Destiny Hanson

On Friday, October 12, 2018, the Liberty Center High School had their last football game at the Rex Lingruen Stadium. There were nineteen senior football players that included, CJ Spradlin, Orry Killam, CJ Johnson, Jacob Romine, Derrick Angiletta, Pablo Barahona, Parker Strauss, Isaiah Marckel, David Maassel, Tyler Echler, Nathan Meller, Carl Yaney, Jarett Krugh, Jesse Cox, Caleb Carpenter, Brendan Morris, Conner Sonnenberg, Bryce Bailey, and Austin Like. There were seven senior cheerleaders including, Tristan Murdock, Destiny Hanson, Baylee Curtis, Lydia Long, Mackenzie Armey, Maddie Meienburg, and Kerrigan Kania. Some other seniors included, Jordan Keller, Weston Kundo, Brandon Gasche, Kyle Rauch, Maddie Atkinson, Jamie Sosbe, Sydney Storer, and Lydia Murrey for cross country. The seniors for golf Olivia Zacharias, Manny Keller, Max Weaver and Kamren Kern. Also included the band seniors are Nick Rowland, Tyra Burdue, Lexi Gibson and Sonnet Guernsey. The community of LC will forever be in our hearts.