By: Sydnee McCue

The school play this fall is Ax of Murder. It will be put on in the auditeria. The dates the play is going to be shown is November 8,9, and 10 at 7:00pm. Tickets will be available in the high school office or by calling, starting on October 22nd. The students are in the process of learning their lines and acting for the coming play. The students rehearse almost everyday after school. People are already excited to come and watch the play, some people may see it twice.


Ax of Murder is a murder mystery script that will be about 90 minutes long. It is supposed to be spooky but with some laughs. It is about a police officer that was called about a murder and everyone starts to wonder who did it. The cast begins to investigate on their own , and it seems like no one could have done it. Maybe the play was haunted, maybe someone least expected did it. The only way to know is if you come and watch this fall play.