By Owen Hall

The LCHS Band is getting ready for their performance during halftime at our homecoming game. For the last couple weeks the band has been practicing their mashup of Radioactive and Believer from Imagine Dragons. It’s been a very tedious task to finally nail the mashup but they believe that they have finally gotten it down. The composition was made by Mr. Riley, so it’s bound to be pretty good and all those involved in the band say it will sound great when it is finally performed in front of the crowd during our homecoming game.

Even after this big night for the band, they are still going to have to practice constantly until the football season ends. When the football season ends, then it’s time for band competition which means so much to our band members. They are always ready to tackle the challenges that are being thrown at them and they are going to have a very successful year like they have had in previous years. I particularly have a good feeling about the woodwinds but that’s just my opinion.