By: Lydia Long


On Tuesday October 2, the Liberty Center Lady Tigers created history. The Tigers played a fierce game against Archbold, battling for the league title. Not only did the ladies take victory over the Streaks for the first time in program history, but they also earned the first NWOAL league title. The Tigers battled a long and hard fought game, but throughout it all, they never gave up. The Lady Tigers are currently undefeated with their 11-0-1 record, and are preparing themselves to go far in their post season games.

The Lady Tigers knew coming into the game that it was going to be a challenging battle. They were aware that the Archbold Bluestreaks had an undefeated record as well, and they knew the Streaks were willing to fight for the league title, just as hard as they were. Once the Tigers stepped onto the field, they knew it was time to give it their all. They worked hard all season for the league title, and were not going to give up all their hard work in one game.

The Tigers started out phenomenal. The Tiger intensity was very strong. The defense of Hailey Craft, Lydia Long, Jillian Hoffman, and Mallory Vollmar, was unstoppable. The defensive line cleared the majority of balls that came their way. If anything went behind the Tiger defense, keeper Riley Miller was there to stop it. The offense was aggressive, moving the ball down the field, taking every shot they could. There were numerous shots at the Archbold goal, but none of the shots found the back of the net. Shots were taken by Cassidy Chapa, Sam Engler, Carly Roth, and Lydia Ball. The first half ended with a tie, 0-0.

As the second half approached, it seemed to be more of a defensive game for the Tigers. The four defenders and goalkeeper, Riley Miller worked wonderful together. They did not let a single ball find the back of the net throughout the whole game. On the offensive side of the second half, the ladies were struggling a little more than they were in the first half. Until, with 1:21 remaining, Sam Engler changed the game for the Lady Tigers. She dribbled down the field, and took a shot outside of the eighteen. The ball curved at the far post of the goal, and went into the Streaks’ goal. The Liberty Center Tigers were then up 1-0. As the crowd went crazy, the Tigers had 1:21 to hold their lead. The game ended, and the Lady Tigers earned their very first league title.

“It felt unbelievable” said Engler, as her team ran to her to congratulate her on her amazing goal. She said she knew with less than two minutes in the game, she locked in the first Lady Tiger’s league title in school history. The coaches preach to never give up, and Sam Engler, along with the rest of the team worked until the last second. Coach Dave Busick said, “We are not quitters. We started conditioning the day after Memorial Day, and these girls have not quit since.” The Lady Tigers hope to bring their drive and determination into their post season games.