By: Sydnee McCue

As of October 4th, the choir has been getting ready for several things. Both choirs are working on the national anthem for home games. Also the choirs plan to have one big mass piece together, The song being “Bring me a little water Silvy.” Even though it is October, the choirs have begun to start learning their christmas like “Frosty the Snowman.” They are both very busy, since they only have 48 minutes of class time to prepare.


The chamber choir is working on 3 pieces in their choir, picked out by Mrs.Chamberlin. The first one being “Autumn Moon”, a piece that talks about autumn’s arrival and summer’s closing. The next being “Shenandoah”, it is a classic love song about a man loving a girl. The final piece is “The Rose” is unknown as they have not started on the song yet. Their songs will be sung in November at their concert.


The acapella choir is also working on 3 pieces, picked out by Mrs.Chamberlin. They are singing “Nothing’s gonna stumble my feet” which is about exactly the title. “Johnny said no” is another song they are singing, it is about a boy named Johnny that the girls were interested in. “Home on the range” is the last song they are singing and it describes a range and how beautiful it is. Come watch and support the choirs this school year!