By Victoria Ellinwood

This year Liberty Center will be starting an archery club. The coaches will be Mr. Rupp, Mr. Doseck, Mr. Readshaw, and Mrs. Carter. This club was started because the coaches thought that LC needed something like this. It was a place where people could come and be involved in something and prevents people from falling through the cracks. One coach, Mr. Rupp, said that he is hoping to see improvement out of this club, as well as a positive environment for people to have fun. All materials are supplied including left and right genesis bows, but if you have your own, you can use it. Scores will be recorded at practice and that decides who will go to tournaments. Practices will be from 3:15- 5/5:30 (the ending time has not been decided on yet) Monday through Thursday. This club will be open to everyone, and will be a lot of fun!