By: Sydnee McCue

On Wednesday, September 26, Liberty Center had an assembly about the digital empowerment project. Scott Frank is the man that runs the whole project by himself. He used to be a private investigator, and he realized all the things wrong with the internet. Mr. Frank came to our school to explain the dangers of the internet.

Mr. Frank talked about everything about the dangers of the internet with no holding back. He talked about four stories about people he has worked with throughout the years. One of the topics was to be careful about who you talk to on the internet, they may not be who you think they are. Another topic was not to send innaporate messages, because it never erases and it could ruin your life. The very first thing he talked about was to check terms of service on apps because they could be going through your whole phone or even looking at you through your camera. The main message is to be safe on the internet and don’t make risky choices.