By: Owen Hall


Mrs. Evans is teaching a relatively new class here in LC called Digital Photography. The class is all about learning how to take better pictures with your phone or even an expensive professional camera. So far the class has been taking photos of the building and collaging them into a great looking combination of different features of our school. The class is relatively simple with only having 9 or so people it stays relaxed and not very stressful in the slightest.

The class is only for a semester but it is a very enjoyable experience for anyone that has an interest in taking great photos of whatever you feel like would be eye-catching or interesting. The first project that you would do in the class really prepares you to look for extremely small and fine details because you have to make the alphabet out of random objects around our school. With that knowledge however, it helps you take better pictures later and you will learn more about how your phone works. In general the class is very helpful if you want to be a photographer or just be slightly more helpful with, y’know, your friends mediocre homecoming pictures.