By: Sydnee McCue

Malia Murrey was born March 21, 2002, in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Malia was placed with a foster family until she was adopted on June 19, 2002, at three months old. It took three days to finalize the adoption. The only person on the birth certificate was her birth mother, her birth father was unknown. She brought back “worry dolls” from Guatemala that her mom got her on the trip down there.

Malia’s name is really not Malia, it is  Maria Susana Murrey. Later on in life Malia wants to change her name officially to Malia Mary Grace Murrey. Malia’s mom told her she had a dream before she adopted her of her going to Guatemala and adopting her. Freshman year Malia took a DNA test, through and she found a third cousin through it.

Maila’s life now, is that she goes to Liberty Center as a junior. Once she is out of high school she wants to become a travel doctor. She now lives with her uncle and her two cousins. Since she never had siblings growing up, she thinks of her cousins as sisters. Malia still does not have any contact with her birth parents, so she will continue to search.