By: Destiny Hanson

As the football team says “Find A Way” that is exactly what Zach Bowers did for the Liberty Center vs. Evergreen game on Friday, September 14th. Winning 37-7, making them 4-0 so far this year. Zach is an offensive player with the playing number of 32. That Friday night, he scored two touchdowns and ran a whole whopping 203 yards. Zach said the the feeling of scoring a touchdown is a huge rush of adrenaline. Every play is so important and for it to have any result in a score or our success is really special.

When asked what Zach is looking forward to the rest of the season with his team he stated “To finish out the league schedule, one of our goals as a team this year is to win a league title. That is something we have been close to doing the past couple years, but we have legitimate chance of winning this year.” Come out and support your local Tigers who will play Delta on Friday, September 21 at Delta High School. The game will start promptly at 7:00pm.