By: Owen Hall


There’s a new foreign exchange student that has arrived to Liberty Center. Paula Rebasti is her name and she comes all the way from Berlin, Germany. Before she came to our quiet rural village she spent some time in New York. Over the past week she has already made herself pretty popular with many people and she really appreciates our kindness. Overall, her experience has been nothing but great, and she is glad that this was the school she came to.

She is very well versed in English and has already gotten a very good understanding of our classes and how they work. Everyone has treated her just like she has been here since kindergarten. The experience at this school has been much different than her school at home, she really enjoys the modern feel of our building and how classes work here. Where she is from being late is one of the worst things you could be, but here she was late and was completely stunned when all she got was a warning and that was all. Paula also has even been to a home football game here and said it was one of the most unique experiences she has ever had in her life and thoroughly enjoyed it. Let’s continue to be a great school and make everyone’s experience here a fantastic one just like Paula received!