By: Stephanie McBride

Mr. Grim known as Mr. Grinch, has been chosen for this week’s teacher of the week! He’s been teaching for a total of 30 years, 22 of them being at Liberty. Even though he says “it’s been too long, I’m too old.” He said he wanted to be a teacher because he thought it would be a fun and a good way of helping others. He likes seeing his students mature and grow up, but hate’s seeing his students hate math.

I asked him why his students like him so much and he told me it was because of his “good jokes.” He also continued to tell me that the most important thing as a teacher this year is “having a good lunch and jamming to the tunes between periods.” So if you ever get the chance to walk past Mr. Grim’s room make sure he’s living up to his word and is jamming out to the music!!