By: Destiny Hanson

When asked, the students of Liberty Center High School voted that Mr.Rupp should be teacher of the week. Mr. Rupp teaches environmental science, forensic science, and physical science. Mr. Rupp has been teaching for six years. He taught for two years at Vermilion High School and four years at Liberty Center. What made him want to be a teacher was his fifth grade teacher, Mr. Stacy. As Mr. Rupp states “ He was a crazy dude, had a crazy room, and made science a blast… literally.” When asked why the kids voted for him some said “ He makes all classes a great time and easy to understand.” or “ He interacts with the students and gets more involved.”

Mr. Rupp says that some of his greatest challenges has been “making every student feel welcomed, loved, and special” and his greatest success was when he can accomplish the challenge. Mr.Rupp is an amazing teacher that has every student excited to go to his class. He knows how to keep the kids focused and ready to learn. The most important thing to him as a teacher is the students. “They are the only reason I teach, thank you LC students for being the best.” But we should be saying thank you Mr. Rupp for being the best.