By: Daniel Rafael


The purpose of Liberty Center Spanish Club is to promote a better understanding and awareness of Latino culture and to encourage good citizenship through various activities during the school year. Spanish club has been out for a while and it brings lots of people together to promote the Latino culture. The activities are done on school days and will be held in the gym. Some examples of activities are Daddy-Daughter Dance, group meetings for members and lunch for members, fundraisers, purchase club t-shirts, some students go on the Spanish trip, and participate in service options. Last year the students got to go to Puerto Rico.

If you are interested in joining Spanish Club, go see Mrs. Soto; she is the one in charge of Spanish Club. Having Spanish Club is important because we have a large amount of people that want to promote a better understanding of the Latino culture. Being part of Spanish Club is good to have in your resume because it shows that you care about other cultures. So If you need more information about Spanish Club see Mrs. Soto for help.