By: Owen Hall

The Liberty Center Band has been practicing incredibly hard to fine tune their craft. These preparations are for a multitude of events that they’ll be participating in and potentially excelling in, like they have been as of late. Their work at our football games have been phenomenal each time and it always gets the crowd energized. The band also has a competition coming up in a few months, and they are 110% percent ready to take it on and bring back results worth talking about.. We get better each year. With the amount of talent within our band, it is really going to be a shame when they all graduate and move onto bigger and greater things.


The Choir has been doing just as great over the past two years. They also have been practicing as much as the band and do as much work as a normal class. They’ve been preparing so much for OMEA which is a competition for the music divisions of schools. The choir is currently rated a class B and have been performing even better than most other class Bs. Two years ago, we were a class C choir, but we were performing just as well as some of the highest tier schools. OMEA is quite some time away but they do not slack off in the amount of work they put in and there is very high hopes for an incredible performance when it comes around.