By: Jill Clapp

As many are aware, two Liberty Center students passed away recently. A lot has been done to help the friends and family of Darren and Annie to help them through this difficult time. Three local women have teamed up together to do just that by making pizzas for a free will donation. All of the money raised is going directly to the two families.

Laura, a member of the Liberty Center community, started a “fridge of love” on her front porch many months ago. This fridge provides food from friends for those who may need it. The fridge got an upgrade when other members of the community donated a small trailer and a bigger fridge to house the operation. When a donation came in of a large amount of pizza crusts and fresh mozzarella cheese, Laura got a bright idea. She would make some pizzas.

After the team had been assembled, Laura, and her friends April and Ileah, set aside a couple days to making pizzas as a fundraiser.  April, with her amazing cooking skills made the sauce for the pizzas, while the only other item needed to buy was pepperoni. With mostly free items, the fantastic trio made dozens of pizzas to sell. Laura advertised her pizzas on Facebook and took them to church to sell. The fundraiser proved to be a big hit and they made an influential amount of money for the families.