By: Jill Clapp

Davina Fredrick is a Liberty Center senior that has been building her art skill her entire life. With deep passion and lots of work, Davina has become an outstanding artist. Her biggest accomplishment with her work was a still life piece with skulls and wine glasses that took her two months to complete. This piece won first place in an art show, winning her a $100 prize, and was sold for $120. Her dedication to art, roughly 5-8 hours a day, has brought her many outstanding works of art. This would include one of her favorite pieces, a dot ink portrait of her baby cousin Annorra that she finished over Christmas break.

Davina enjoys working with colored pencils because they are smooth and easy to manage when working with. Currently, she is working on a colored pencil portrait of the late Darren Pinson. After the piece is sent to an art show to be judged, it will be given to Darren’s parents in his memory. Davina also uses her talent to give back to the community by working with the Liberty Center Art Club and helping out at her church. Through Art Club, she has painted a snow plow for ODOT and a park bench for a local Girl Scouts troop. For church, she is painting a table and chairs set for the children’s Sunday school class.

Davina likes to consider all artists and all types of work for inspiration. She, as well, enjoys all aspects and styles of art. The main reason she likes art is because it is her way of expressing herself without having to say anything. Her future plans are to go to Bowling Green State University to get a bachelor’s in arts. Later she would like to return to school for graphic design and get a job in art. It’s clear Davina is going to do great things with her art!