By: Jill Clapp

Darren Pinson, a student from Liberty Center, passed away suddenly March 24, 2018 along with Annabelle Tipton. Darren, at the age of 18 was a senior preparing to graduate soon. Throughout the high school he had many different friends that are left with lots of great memories and stories to share about Darren. Listed below are stories given by some of the students.

Cody Bowser

“To this day, I still remember his home phone number (for over 10 years I’ve known it). I know that number more than even my own because I called him to hang out everyday.”

“Ever since first grade, Darren and I would go to Denny’s and he would always get Cosmic Brownies. He would even tear up his house looking for change just to buy Cosmic Brownies.”

“Darren used to only get one hour to hang out (before eighth grade) and we would always try to come up with excuses for his parents to let him stay home. Everytime we had a stupid reason but sometimes it worked. I think his parents knew though.”

“Darren decided to go out of his window and climbed on top of his snow-covered roof to get out of the window. He walked across his roof while we all watched in his second story window. He then slipped off the roof and all I hear is someone say ‘Oh there he goes!’ Darren almost landed on his feet until he slipped again and landed on his back. We all were laughing and he decided to just stay inside.”

Abby Keller

When I played on the same indoor soccer team as Darren. It was a lot of fun and we didn’t take any of the games seriously.”

Mateo Espinoza

“Parties at your house were fun. Running around at night in Liberty Center and just eating and playing games was awesome. I also remember you getting your Dodge Dakota stuck, which I told you was going to get stuck in two feet of mud, but you sent it anyway and had to get pulled out by an excavator. Most of all, I’m going to miss zipping around town on bikes with the squad. Even if it was really cold out I know you’d ride with me.”

Davina Fredrick

When I was on the boys travel team, on our last away game, Darren kept trying to get me to get a yellow card. I didn’t so he put me in the garbage can! On the way home from that game he was hanging out the window yelling and had me laughing so hard our coach thought we were going to have to pull over.”

“For a while I would walk to and from school with Darren and he would always put Logan on his shoulders and blast music on his phone as we walked.”

At prom. Darren was getting overly warm so we got to go outside and him and I talked. We talked about family and college and how much he loved his brother Logan.”

“Darren used to try singing Bohemian Rhapsody and every time he would attempt to hit the high note his voice would crack and squeak.”

“I was painting chairs for little kids at my church and Darren put them in his truck to help me take them home, so I sat on the chairs in the bed of the truck while we sang along to songs.”

Kody Woods

“I was at Stewart’s Park, which is behind Darren’s house. I was with a few friends and all of a sudden I was getting hit with airsoft bullets. It was mass confusion until we saw Darren with his airsoft at his bedroom window and knew why we were being hit. He later came and joined us to hang out.”

Dyllon Fredrick

“There was this one time Darren, North, Darren’s dad, and I were playing soccer in Darren’s backyard. Then Jeff (Darren’s dad) ended up hitting a window and breaking it. Jeff said it was a good thing that it wasn’t one of us.”

“During an indoor soccer game we went into overtime and it was a two on two. Darren and I were in. The other team had a break away and I was the closer person to the guy with the ball. All I see is Darren go flying past me and slide in front of the guy with the ball to try to stop the guy from scoring.”

“Throughout high school soccer, Darren and I played varsity all four years, so we felt like we missed out on the JV part of high school. Every chance we would get we would beg coach to let us play JV.”

“Darren came over to my mom’s house to ride the snowmobiles with my family. We were pulling a sled behind one of the snowmobiles and the rope untied. Darren and I got this bright idea to use him as a sled while I stood on him and tried not to fall off.”

“Darren, North, and I would always go to the park behind Darren’s house to mess around and play a sport we called soccer-basketball. The sport was we would try to juggle and pass a soccer ball through the air and try to make it in the basketball hoop.

Meghan Skeens

“Darren asked me to homecoming by saying ‘I hate everyone, you hate everyone, let’s hate everyone together at hoco.’”

“Darren went out of his way to Sam Sanchez’s house then to my house to get me my phone that I left at Sam’s. This was during a snowstorm and when he got to my house he made snow angels in my driveway.”

“Darren picked up deer legs and was knocking on Jacob’s car window acting like those were his arms.”

Peyton Spieth

“Darren would always come to soccer practice with his blue truck and it would be smoking. He would always say ‘it’s fine.’”

“We would stay after practice and shoot balls at the net.”

“Darren would blare his music while he drove, so when he would pull into Widewater we would know it was him.”

“When he was a fake cheerleader for the homecoming assembly, he wore really short shorts.”

“Darren would always dress up everyday for spirit week at homecoming time.”

Mrs. Carter

“Darren would use any ball as a soccer ball.”

“I would always have to yell at him to put the soccer ball away. He would even bring his own to play in the locker room.”

“ I put him in the advanced basketball team in gym and he wasn’t as good as I had thought. He would chuck the ball at the back board and it would just fly back.”

Mrs. Mott

“Darren told me that he was going to ride his dirt bike to prom this year.”

We will always have these great memories of Darren to remember him by. Even those who were not as close to him can read these stories and know how great of a person he was. Darren will forever be remembered by his friends, classmates, and teachers.