Note: This meet has been cancelled

On Saturday, April 7, Liberty Center’s Track and Field team will be traveling south to Anna, Ohio. After Liberty’s first and second track meets were canceled, they are eager to start off the season. There will be fourteen teams including LC coming to this invitational, some teams include Botkins, Fairlawn, Lehman, Minster, New Bremen and an 8 other teams. Many upperclassmen are missing for school vacations which gives some of the underclassmen the opportunity to get that first meet jitters out of the way and show the team what they have.

   Throwing for the boys are Devin good and Christian Kahle while the girls throwing are Abby Heath and Jerica Hollenbaugh. The Pole Vaulters are Jared Sturgell, Brecken Garretson, Sophie Long, and Mallory Vollmar. High jumpers at the meet for LC are Keaton Oehler and Trey Patterson. In the hurdles, we have Jacob Romine, Maguire Vollmar, Victoria Ellinwood, and Sophie Long. The open 100 runners are Mateo Espinoza, Aaron Shafer, Mallory Vollmar, and Kennedy Roell. The open 200 runners are Mateo Espinoza, Maguire Vollmar, Meredith Zeiter, and Kennedy Roell. Open 400 runners include Weston Kundo, Parker Strauss, Kenzie Detmer and Kennedy Roell.

   The open 800 runners are Blaise Miller, Brandon Gasche, Constance Roell and Sophie Kundo. The 1600 runners are Kyle Rauch, Nicolas Cobalt, Maddie Reckner and Sydney Miller. The 3200 runners are Chris Miles, Nathaniel Elief, KJ Mcclure and Kalen Rauch.