By: Shelby Brooks

On the 24th of March, the world lost the cheerful and sweet Freshman Annabelle. She brought a smile to everyone’s face, and no one will ever forget her. This is how some people remember her:

“(When the choir was at McDonald’s) She wanted her nuggets and the McDonald’s workers skipped over her number because her order wasn’t done and she was getting sad, but she was very very very happy when she finally got her nuggets. And her happiness made me very happy.”

-Kennedi Brogan, Grade 11

“I didn’t know her very well at all, I just remember her laughing in the hallways all the time.”

-Tyra Burdue, Grade 11

“We were at Walmart together and she saw this little penguin stuffed animal. She said, “Awww I want it!” and so she went to grab it, and she had a lot of stuff in her hands so she put it in her pocket. We got out to the car and she screamed. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “I stole the penguin!” I was laughing so hard. She sprinted back into the store, threw it on a shelf, and ran away thinking the cops were after her. She never left my house that day.”

-Shaylee Wachowski, Grade 9


Stand tall, Annie, and rest in peace.