By: Jill Clapp

The Liberty Center quiz team is winding down their season after a successful run of matches. Currently, the team is ranked fifth out of thirteen teams. The students began the season with the Henry County Tournament on November 30th and will finish on March 16th with the Four County Tournament. Coaching the LC Quiz Team for seven years is Shelly Ahleman, the Middle School Guidance Counselor. Her favorite things about coaching her team is the kids because they are awesome, smart, and witty. She also enjoys the mistakes and mispronunciations because they, at times, can be funny.

During a match, each team consists of four players that are given two questions from each category and there are two rounds. If the other team were to answer incorrectly, the Tigers would have a chance to answer for a bonus. The categories are American Literature, Mathematics, World History, Fine Arts, Life Science, and ABC where the answers start with each letter of the alphabet. During the second round, there is not an ABC category, but instead, there is a lightning round that can consist of a variety of different questions. Those could be anything such as books, movies, TV shows, or sports. The team with the most amount of points at the end is the winner.

Some of the things to enjoy about Quiz Team are the friends that are made. Everything is laid back and relaxed. Members of the team get along well and have a good time while they practice. Another thing to like about this team is that if a player gets the wrong answer there is no judgement from the coach or other teammates. A funny instance that occurred, making for a laugh, was when a moderator dropped all of the questions. There was a 30 minute break for the questions to be picked up. Students are encouraged to come out for the team next year for a lot of fun and good food. The team will be losing three seniors and has plenty of room for new members. Practices will be on Mondays during homeroom in Ms. Ahleman’s office.