By: Jill Clapp

People are getting worried about the milk they are drinking and wondering if it is really safe to consume. The reason people worry is because they think antibiotics and hormones given to cows are going to be found in the milk they drink. People are beginning to drink less milk for many reasons including the fear of medication being left in the milk. This is putting a dent in the dairy industry and hurting farmers around the country.

Antibiotics are given to the cows to prevent and get rid of any sickness. This is the same thing as parents giving their children medication to help with illness. All medicines given to the animals are prescribed by a licensed veterinarian and are not in the milk that is sent out to be sold.

All milk that is produced by a cow that is on an antibiotic must be thrown away, meaning the cow has to be milked separately from the others. Just like humans, there is a certain amount of time that passes before the medications given leave the cows’ systems. Once this time is up, the cow must be tested several times for any trace of antibiotics. If there are any at all, the milk will be thrown away. This means that even if 99 percent of the milk came back good, the milk would still not be used.

The milk that people buy from the grocery store is safe to consume and does not have any antibiotics in it. There is no reason to fear what is in the milk people are drinking because it is all tested for the safety of the community. Farmers all over are working hard to produce good milk for the buyers and deserve much respect for doing so.