By:Lucas Frankforther


Liberty Center has been chosen to receive the Purple Star Award. The award is for recognizing schools that are committed to helping students and their families that are connected to the military.

To receive this award, schools must meet certain criteria such as providing information to teachers about military families,  help students when there family member gets deployed, and help get the students resources to succeed in class. They must also provide evidence to support that the criteria is met such as assemblies, staff training, and assessment meetings. Then, the school has to send in an application and the evidence gathered to be reviewed by the Ohio Department of Education. Liberty Center holds annual Veterans day assemblies, and the band performs in parades and concerts.Liberty also uses surveys to get information about the students who have family members in the military and passes that along to staff members.  The school must have a staff point of contact(POC), Liberty Center’s POC is Brett Green, and must provide a page on the school’s web page for military family resources.