By: Jill Clapp

Thursday night the cast of this year’s musical went on stage for their first performance of The Drowsy Chaperone. It was a great twist on the average musical that the audience would expect. Emma Bowers played one of the main characters and did so perfectly. The crowd could really tell she was in character. Playing the “drowsy chaperone” was Cailin Mysinger who did an outstanding job. Ollie Starkey, who also had a leading part, wowed the audience with her amazing voice. Another great voice on stage last night was Lydia Lauharn who appeared a couple times as Trix the Aviatrix. Really making the audience laugh. Damion Ball played his part perfectly using many different accents.

Director, Mr. Kevin Wietrzykowski and Student Director Ollie Starkey did an amazing job working with all the actors/actresses to put on a great show for the Liberty Center community. Some behind the scenes workers were Choreographer, Mrs. Nicole Bowers and Music Director/ Rehearsal Accompanist Mrs. Lindsay Bialorucki. Olivia Weirauch was the dance captain for the performance. Nick Riley led the band for the music that was used for the songs while Caitlyn Pinson did the sounds and sound effects. Taking care of the lights was Sam McMaster and Morgan Jones as Stage Manager. Doing the fantastic makeup was Cailin Mysinger and Jordan Sunior. Thanks to all these people, the show was put together. They will be having two more shows on Friday and Saturday 7:00 pm in the Auditeria. Tickets will be available at the door!