By: Shelby Brooks

On Sunday, February 18, the 25th annual District 1 Honor Choir performance was hosted. A select few advanced members of certain high school choirs are selected to be a part of the unique program every year. Students in Williams, Fulton, Lucas, Defiance, Henry and Wood County schools are given this opportunity. When students try out for a spot in Honor Choir, they have to sing two eight-note scales; one that goes down to the lowest pitch that the student can comfortably sing, and one that goes up to the highest. Each student also has to submit a recording of them singing “My Country Tis of Thee,” the pitch being based off of the part that they’re trying out for. The event is chaired by Jeremy Davis of Sylvania Northview High School.  

Eight members of the Liberty Center High School choirs got into District 1 Honor Choir this year. These students include members of each grade- [Freshman] Shaylee Wachowski, [Sophomores] Destiny Guess, Darin Weaver, Adrienne Rae, [Juniors] Lydia Murrey, Emma Bowers, Damion Ball, and [Senior] Sam McMaster.