By Jared Sturgell


   Monday, February 12, Mr. Readshaw started teaching his Ag classes how to weld. The welding program will take a minimum of eight weeks to learn. He has groups welding, torching, plasma cutting and a group cutting metal bars for the welders. The most difficult thing out of all the groups would be the welding. Welding takes a certain kind of flow to make it sturdy.

Typically girls are better than guys at welding because girls have better hand-eye coordination, Just ask Amanda Wiemken, as of right now she has the best weld in an all guy class. Right now we are stick welding but eventually, we are going to change to MIG welding. There are multiple ways to stick weld, but there are two common ways: the first way is to slowly rotate the welding rod in a circular pattern, only moving on when you see the metal pool over itself. The second way to stick weld is to slowly move in a tight Zigzag pattern, again only moving when you see the metal pool over itself.