By:Christian Kahle

SpaceX just launched the biggest rocket in the world, and it was carrying a Tesla Roadster. This is the strongest rocket since Saturn V that took astronauts to the moon almost 50 years ago. The Falcon Heavy is the strongest rocket in the world. Kennedy space center sold out of tickets which cost anywhere from $35 to $195. Since they sold out, cars were lined up for miles the morning before the launch. There were around 100,000 people outside of the space center watching the launch.

The Falcon Heavy’s cargo was a $112,000 luxury car, the Tesla Roadster. When the Tesla was launched to space it was blasting David Bowie music and carrying a empty Spacex spacesuit. The car is in orbit around the sun and should be in that orbit for the next billion years or so. Since the Roadster is going to share orbit with the earth we will not be able to see it again till the end of the 21st century.