Super Bowl tickets have shot through the roof for this year’s game as the Patriots return again. The average cost of tickets last year was $5,976 this year’s average price is over $9,000. That is over a $3,000 difference from last year. When the Vikings went up 7-0 on the Eagles, the ticket prices went up $1,000. The Super Bowl is being held in Minneapolis. An area hotel room with one bed will cost you around $900.

Suites and 50-yard line tickets are even more expensive. The suites this year are averaging around $405,000 with a meal included. The best time to buy a ticket is two to three days out from the day of the game. The only problem with that is that you have to get a plane ticket before the holiday season. The price can go up and down depending on the winners of the games leading up to the big game. So if the Super Bowl is something you would like to go too. You would have to plan the trip around a year in advance.