On Monday, 22 January, a sixteen year-old boy in Italy, Texas was allegedly upset about a recent breakup and tried to shoot at his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. She was airlifted to the hospital but no one else was injured.

Cassie Shook, a seventeen year-old who went to the same school, told The Associated Press that when she was pulling into the school parking lot, she saw the doors fly open and screaming people flooded out. According to ABC News, after she had learned who the shooter was, she was angry because she had reported him to school officials several times. In eighth grade, the boy allegedly made a hit list that had her name on it. Last year, he got angry during class and threw a pair of scissors at her friend and later threw a computer at the wall.

The Advocate reported on the same day, at around 1:30pm, there was a shooting in the parking lot of the Net Charter School in New Orleans. According to the school’s superintendent, there were as little as three gunshots. One child was taken to Children’s Hospital with a superficial elbow wound, but it wasn’t made clear if this was in result of the shots fired. No one else was injured.

On Tuesday morning in Kentucky, the suspect walked into Marshall County High School at 8:57am and opened fire. According to CNN, two 15-year-old students, identified as Bailey Holt and Preston Cope, were both murdered at the scene. Eighteen others were left injured, two of them fatally. The 15-year-old suspect was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts of murder and twelve counts of first degree assault. He will be tried as an adult in the next couple of days and will face a grand jury on February 13, where his charge may change.