By: Jill Clapp

Friday evening, the Liberty Center boys and girls bowling teams took on the Wauseon Indians at River-City Bowlaway. Unfortunately, both teams were defeated by the Indians, but not without putting up a fight. For the ladies, the Tigers were led by Jill Clapp with a series of 407. Clapp had games of 192 and 215. Right behind her was Lilly McLaughlin with her two games being 194 and 203. Also helping the team was Lexi Gibson with a 166 and a 142.

The Indians were led by Mackayla Kearney with a high series for the night of 431. Kearney’s series consisted of games of 223 and 208. Assisting Mackayla was Kama Brackman with her games being a 179 and a 213. Helping the team was also Emily Brunn with her high game of 191.

After the regular games, played by the top five bowlers, the Liberty Center girls were down by 134. For the baker games, the Tigers pulled out games of 171, 164, and 196. Their total for all the games was 531, contributing to a Liberty Center total of 2,191 pins. For Wauseon, the girls bowled baker games of 193, 210, and 190 to get a total of 593. This brought the Indian’s to a total of 2,387 pins. The match ended with a close loss for Liberty Center by 196 pins. Although the Lady Tigers didn’t get this win, they bowled great.

For the Liberty Center boys bowling team, Nate Shafer led the tigers with a series of 446. Max Metzger also rolled a 213 along with a 180. To help his team, Hunter Upell had a game of 184. Overall the boys had a total of 1,710 pins after the first two regular games.

The Wauseon boys team was led by Chance Buehrer with games of 215 and 244. This gave Beuhrer a series of 459. Between both boys teams, Chance had the highest series of the night. The next highest game came from Jadon Meeker with a game of 194 and Brady Blaylock with a game of 182.

Heading into the baker games, the Tigers were behind by a close 63 pins. Liberty Center kept fighting to take the lead with baker games of 159, 204 and 178, while Wauseon had games of 168, 144, and 200. The Tigers were dominant in the baker games with a total of 541 with the Indians having a total of 512. However, Wauseon came out on top with a match total of 2,285 pins, just 34 over Liberty Center, having a total of 2,251 pins.


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