The month of January has been super cold. There have been some records broken across the state of Ohio. In Toledo, the high temperature on new year’s day broke a 120 year record. The high in Dayton was 5 degrees; the last time it was that low was in 1928. Also, on new year’s eve the temperature of 11 degrees tied the record. The last time it was this low was in 1976.

We have also had weather in the 50s this month. Last week on the 11th, we had a temperature of 52 degrees and all the snow melted. Then on the 14th, we dropped down to 8 degrees. The lowest temperature we saw this week was 3 degrees on the 17th. Going into the weekend, it looks like we will be in the forties. These are some of the craziest temperature swings in Ohio. The wind has been very strong this month. We have had a full week of wind chill well in the negatives. It should start to warm up in the next few weeks.