Around noon on Monday, January 15, a utility helicopter which works on power lines crashed in Wood County, killing both people inside. Neither the two casualties nor the business they worked for were from Northwest Ohio. According to 13 abc, the pilot was identified as Tyson Snyder, 32, of Wooster, Ohio, and his passenger, Jeffrey Fluharty, 62, of Fairmont, West Virginia.

Those who heard the crash did not know who it was until they saw the wreckage. They were used to low-flying helicopters passing overhead but they said that this sounded different.

Sandra Minarik, a woman who lives near the crash scene, said that all she heard was a big boom, and that she thought a truck had blown a tire on the turnpike. “A neighbor called and said a plane had crashed in my woods. And I ran out into the woods and I didn’t see anything,” she said.

Minarik eventually found the wreckage in another person’s yard. Another neighbor says they heard what they now believe was this helicopter while in flight this morning.

Ken Reeves, who also lives near the crash site, confirmed that the helicopter going back and forth is not unusual there. Reeves and others say they see the helicopter a few times a month, inspecting the power lines. “You see the helicopter buzzing up and down. They follow the high tension lines as far as you can see in both directions,” said Reeves.

“It’s very sad. Very sad. I feel bad for all the families involved,” said Minarik.

This story was first reported by 13abc.