By: Jill Clapp

Monday night the girls and boys bowling teams started their season with a match in Morenci against Evergreen. The Lady Tigers ended the first game on top with 136 pins over the opponent. After the second regular game played by the top five bowlers, the girls were up by 125 pins heading into the baker games. For the first baker game, the Tigers had a game of 153 and the Vikings a game of 92. The second and third baker games for Liberty Center were 127 and 101. For Evergreen, their second and third baker games were 105 and 120.

Leading the Lady Tigers was Lillian McLaughlin with a high game of 185. Other contributors to the Liberty Center win was Jill Clapp with a 156 and Hannah Feather with a 136. Leading the Vikings was Hanna Miller with a 163 and a 132. Helping Miller was Hannah Abram with a high game of 155 for Evergreen. Overall, the Tigers came up on top with a total of 1,677 pins compared to the Vikings with a total of 1,488 pins.

The Liberty Center boys bowling team started out ahead after the first regular game by only 35 pins. After the second regular game, heading into the baker games, the Tigers ended up behind to the Vikings by 17 pins. Helping to bring them up to victory, Liberty Center boys rolled 134, 166, and 153 baker games. For Evergreen, the boys had baker games of 141, 116, and 110.

The leading bowler for the Liberty Center boys on Monday was Thomas Chadwick with a high game of 182. Not far behind was Hunter Thompson with a high game of 166. Helping the Tigers was Max Metzger with two games of 143. For the Vikings, their team leader for the night was CJ Langenderfer with his two regular games being 183 and 171. Along with Langenderfer was Cade Johnson with a high game of 181 and Trevor Ries with a game of 154. At the end of the night, the Tigers came out on top also with a win over evergreen by 69 pins.