By Jared Sturgell

Saturday, December 2nd, the Ohio State Buckeyes will be taking on the Wisconsin Badgers for the Big Ten title. Wisconsin is one of the only undefeated college teams left in America. The Badgers offense has scored 418 points while their defense has only given up 153 points. Breaking that down that means they let the opposing team score 13 points while the offense scores a whopping 35 points.

Ohio State is 10-2, with a loss to Iowa and Oklahoma. Ohio State’s offense has scored 415 points while their defense has given up 238 points. Breaking that down the Buckeyes offense averages a score of 35 points(rounded from 34.5) while their defense lets up 20 points a game. Statistically speaking the Big Ten game should be a hard-fought game with Wisconsin coming out on top, but everyone has seen OSU pull out some amazing feats against higher ranked teams.