By Shelby Brooks

In Las Vegas, the first self-driving shuttle bus was crashed into by a delivery truck. Today was the first day that the shuttle’s services were used. The truck was reportedly coming out of an alley and although the shuttle had stopped like it was supposed to, the truck did not. According to the BBC, the shuttle only contained a “few passengers, and the crash was a slow collision- a simple fender-bender. Nobody was injured in account of the accident, and officials say that the accident was the fault of the delivery truck driver, who was promptly given a ticket.”

According to BBC, “Self-driving technology has been involved in crashes before, but almost all reported incidents have been due to human error.” Experts say that self-driving technology will make the roads safer, and they think that even though the technology is not yet perfect, the tech should be used now. “Waiting for highly autonomous vehicles that are many times safer than human drivers misses opportunities to save lives,”  the report of a study conducted by the RAND Corporation said. “It is the very definition of allowing perfect to be the enemy of good.”