By Gabe Hinton

The Cleveland Cavaliers have now lost four games in a row. This makes their start to the season 3-5. Injuries like Thomas, Wade, Rose, and now Tristan Thompson have hurt the Cavs at the start. LeBron also missed preseason games, and this made him less ready for the season and more out of shape. With offseason trades, the Cavs need to find themselves as a team and settle in. According to USAtoday, Wade said he and LeBron saw this in Miami.

“That last year in Miami when we went to the Finals, I don’t know how we made it. As a team, we were kind of like this.” Cleveland’s numbers are way down this year as a tem. If they want make it to the finals, or even win, they need to get numbers like rebounds, steals, and shooting percentage up. The Cavaliers early struggles come from a lot of things, but they need to get it together if they want to be in the picture of the finals.