By Jared Sturgell

In Ohio there are 21 different state routes, the total length of all of the highways in Ohio is 113,435 miles. Let’s be honest, that’s a lot of miles, and garbage must collect on the side of them, right? ODOT, also known as the Ohio Department of Transportation spends an average of $5 million a year on road clean up. There are many things that people can do to help clean up our local roads. For instance, people can volunteer on the adopt a highway foundation

According to the Ohio adopt a highway website, with the help of volunteer workers, ODOT saves approximately $800 a year for each group that volunteers. I asked Mrs. Mericle what the impact is on the roadside and the people when National Honor Society cleans up roadsides. This was her response, ”I don’t know the average impact a year that we make, but I can tell you that we pick up 22  garbage bags a year from the three times we clean up. It really teaches the kids that it’s disgusting that people throw things out, and they won’t do it” I would say that the future of cleaning up our roadways is in the hands of the people, we cannot put it all in the hands of ODOT.