By Shelby Brooks

On Tuesday, September 19th, a major earthquake shook Mexico. According to, it killed at least 217 people and toppled 44 buildings in the capital alone. When the Enrique Rebsamen school in southern Mexico City collapsed, at least 25 people- 21 of them being children- were killed. According to Animal Politico, at least 30 children and eight adults are still missing. About 40% of Mexico City and 60% of nearby Morelos state were without power.

Several major earthquakes have struck Mexico over the past few decades, as it’s one of the most seismic regions in the world. Mexico City rests on the bed of the drained Lake Texcoco and is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. The land is made up of soil and sand, instead of strong bedrock. The earthquake actually hit on a day when Mexican civil protection officials conduct earthquake drills. Office workers, students and apartment dwellers practice abandoning their buildings like we practice fire and tornado drills. The earthquake drill occurred barely two hours before the quake.